In summer 2019, we cooperated with thecommunitycreatives. The goal of this shoot was to stage our REPRESENT line. The photographers of thecommunitycreatives did an unbelievable job and produced a stunning set of pictures. Meds shared his thoughts and inspiration on the development process with us to get an insight in their creative work.

Meds from „The Community Creatives“:

When Idodo the brand was first introduced to me I was taken in by a number of factors; the uniquely hand finished pieces and the adventure and exploration based nature of what the brand stood for.

Our first discussions with the brand founder and our Head of Photography were based around how we could put together a campaign that captured the essence of Idodo; to do this, we needed the narrative, concept, models and location to come together to seamlessly in order to portray our vision; unique design for the adventurer.

We scouted two sisters who were experienced motorbike riders as our lead models; the idea being that whilst very similar looking, both Maika and Shauni had their own individual style, personality and look; a brilliant way of demonstrating partly what Idodo stands for.

The location was also set; deep orange beach sunsets with a lone palm tree that matched the visuals of the REPRESENT range.

And so the narrative, concept, models and location came together seamlessly and portraid our vision; unique design for the adventurer.

Brad Longworth:

There are few things that get me more excited than riding bikes on the beach during sunset.

We met two of the coolest sisters around and they also had this on their agenda so we grabbed a couple of dirtbikes and headed out one afternoon. We had the PERFECT location in mind for the Idodo spring/summer collection and sunset definitely delivered that perfect golden glow we were looking for.

After cutting laps around the beach and getting absolutely covered in sand, we decided to call it a day (despite it already being night time, at this point) and headed back for dinner and a few beers.

A day well spent, if you ask me !